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This post is William's IC inbox at [community profile] ataraxion. You can drop network or action stuff that doesn't quite feel like it fits or warrants a post on the main communities in here.

Posts my range from G to R.
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Hello there. I'm Samantha Traynor from the Support Department. A Remus Lupin wanted me to contact you to assist in integrating some data if that's still required.
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[ ...Well that wasn't the reception she had been expecting. She's not sure if he's just a casual person or if he's inebriated. ]

Shooting's not really my specialty. I wouldn't be much use on that front, sorry to say. And I'm not a scientist. I'd probably blow something up if I tried.
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[ Casual it is. As in holding to no military discipline. She thinks her mom used to text like that at some point.... ]

What do I consider myself? Not sure what you mean. I'm human. Female.
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I have an extensive background in technological research and development, as well as experience in communications and data analysis. My previous posting was a communications specialist.
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All right. Let me know when you have need of me.

And, of course you can. I'll try to help however you like.